Honors Colloquium: Temperance

By Drew Juniet (junior)

Last semester I was invited, along with five other students from MVNU, to attend an Honors colloquium at Grove City College. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn with students from my own university as well as with those from other educational institutions. We examined what temperance might look like in our everyday lives, and we discussed the benefits we could receive from committing ourselves to a temperate life. It was a unique experience that challenged my opinions on the importance of self-control and the freedom it can provide. I came away from this event with many practical applications of integrating temperance into my day-to-day activities, and I have shared many of these with my friends, family, and classmates. This experience helped me grow in multiple ways, and it was definitely worth the time and effort it took to put it together. This event will be a fantastic opportunity for future students to grow in both their educations and their relationships with their peers across multiple states. 

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