Alumni Spotlight: Megan Motley

By Megan Motley

It’s been three years since I graduated from MVNU, and I still think about many of the things that I learned in the Honors Program. You’ve never experienced Washington D.C. unless you went there with Dr. Devine to study public perceptions of national monuments, and you are missing a critical component of apologetics if you haven’t read N. T. Wright with a room full of fellow students who will challenge you to understand it. The Honors Program enriched my time at MVNU because it allowed me to critically engage with subjects I would not have otherwise—without having to be in a general education class filled with students who aren’t interested in the subject material. While I can’t say that I use N. T. Wright in my professional life, I can say that being challenged and stretched through (often rigorous) honors classes has been an asset. In my graduate courses, I am able to make connections outside of my normal subject matter. In engaging with people who hold different beliefs, I am more able to listen respectfully and respond confidently because the Honors Program gave me a forum to practice that with my peers. Life after college—as an “adult”—is hard, but it’s way easier if you allow yourself to be equipped with what you’re learning right now.


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