Welcome to the MVNU Honors Program!

Dr. W. Brett Wiley (Director of the Honors Program) Last week I found an Honors Program handbook from 1998, which was one of the first (if not the first) years of the program’s existence at what was then Mount Vernon Nazarene College. In that document, students were introduced to an Honors program that included some … Continue reading Welcome to the MVNU Honors Program!

Honors Project Spotlight: Empathy

By Mikayla Boise (senior 2019) "During their college years, many students encounter new information they have never faced before. They begin to understand the injustices in the world, leaving them questioning the beliefs they once held. This can be a disturbing time in one’s life. How can this be a fruitful experience? How can college … Continue reading Honors Project Spotlight: Empathy

Honors Colloquium: Temperance

By Drew Juniet (junior) Last semester I was invited, along with five other students from MVNU, to attend an Honors colloquium at Grove City College. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn with students from my own university as well as with those from other educational institutions. We examined what temperance might look like in our everyday lives, and we … Continue reading Honors Colloquium: Temperance