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Honors Seminar: Music’s Epic Stories

“Music’s Epic Stories,” a Spring 2021 Honors seminar taught by Dr. John Packard, highlighted how music plays a powerful role in telling stories. Exploring the role of music in storytelling through music genres that are both epic and expansive, the course began by focusing on music for film. However, the exploration had only just begun. … Continue reading Honors Seminar: Music’s Epic Stories

Honors Seminar: Everyday Monasticism

“Everyday Monasticism: What We All Can (and Should) Learn From the Monastic Life,” a Spring 2021 Honors seminar being taught by Dr. Doug Van Nest, is showing students the value monastic practices can offer to everyday life. Rather than write off monastic practices as strange and unapplicable, Everyday Monasticism considers the purpose and practices of … Continue reading Honors Seminar: Everyday Monasticism

Honors Seminar: Exploring the Environment

One of two seminars being offered through the MVNU Honors Program this semester, Dr. Jon Bossley's "Exploring the Environment: Hot-Button Issues and the Great Outdoors" gives students the opportunity to investigate the world around them. The course asks questions about what exactly "the environment" is and how the Christian should approach environmental issues. These topics … Continue reading Honors Seminar: Exploring the Environment

Honors Seminar: Religious Pluralism, Justice, and Higher Law Ethics

Taught by Hank Spaulding, Associate Campus Pastor at MVNU, "Religious Pluralism, Justice, and Higher Law Ethics: Interfaith Dialogue and the Refugee Crisis" offers a space for Honors Students to talk about pressing issues. One of the course's main goals is to emphasize the importance of gaining capacities in interfaith dialogue, inviting students to learn about … Continue reading Honors Seminar: Religious Pluralism, Justice, and Higher Law Ethics