Welcome to the MVNU Honors Program!

Dr. W. Brett Wiley (Director of the Honors Program) Last week I found an Honors Program handbook from 1998, which was one of the first years of the program’s existence at what was then Mount Vernon Nazarene College. In that document, students were introduced to an Honors program that included some large, seminar-type courses and … Continue reading Welcome to the MVNU Honors Program!


Honors Housing

Traditionally, freshman women in the Honors Program have been housed together on a floor in Pioneer Hall. This housing has provided numerous opportunities for the Honors students and has helped them to form deep and meaningful relationships with others in the program as they live life together. Emma More, a freshman in the Honors program, … Continue reading Honors Housing

Partnering with Knox County’s Area Development Foundation

In the Spring of 2022, twenty of MVNU’s Honors Students participated in a seminar titled “Co-Laboratory,” Through the seminar, students partnered with Knox County Area Development Foundation (ADF) to complete an assessment of the West End Neighborhood of Mount Vernon.  Students were divided into three various groups including historical and structural assessments, residential assessments, and … Continue reading Partnering with Knox County’s Area Development Foundation

Intercollegiate Honors Symposium: Humility

On October 21st, Honors students from across the country gathered at the Grove City Intercollegiate Honors Symposium to discuss the virtue of Humility. The symposium tackles several readings from multiple different viewpoints in an Honors setting, much like an Honors Seminar at MVNU.    When asked about her experience, Claire Vogelmann, a current junior, expressed how … Continue reading Intercollegiate Honors Symposium: Humility

Honors Seminar: Board Game Design

“Board Game Design,” a Fall 2022 Honors seminar taught by Dr. John Noonan, explores the creative and strategic mechanics that make up different games. Students involved in this seminar have found themselves playing, analyzing, and categorizing a variety of different strategy games thus far. These activities have all been in preparation of the creation of … Continue reading Honors Seminar: Board Game Design